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In this section, you will find documentation about the EBSI Command Line Interface you can use to interact with the EBSI services.


For optimal stability, we highly recommend to use the Node.js version 20.12.

To start the tool run:

npx @cef-ebsi/cli

When the CLI prompts ==> it will be ready to receive commands. There is no need to install the package. It needs NodeJS v18 or superior version as a prerequisite.


This guide presents the steps to onboard a new legal entity in EBSI, which consists in the registration of the DID Document in the DID Registry.

Register a Proxy

This guide presents the steps to register a proxy of a Trusted Issuer. This proxy is used for the credential status retrieval through EBSI network. And as prerequisite the issuer must have an API to get the Verifiable Credential with StatusList2021. See an example of the verifiable credential.

Issue VC to Onboard

The verifiable authorisation to onboard is a verifiable credential that can be issued only by a Trusted Issuer registered in EBSI, and it allows the subject to register a DID Document in the DID Registry.

Issue VC for Trusted Issuer

The hierarchy to issue verifiable credentials is the following:

Commands reference

This section describe the complete list of commands that can be called in the command line interface.