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Design your solution

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Now it's time to design your EBSI solution.

During this phase, you'll focus on defining and designing the unique features of your solution. This includes outlining the trust chain, data models, and implementation and integration plan, among other critical components that your project needs to function effectively. The aim here is to design every functional part necessary to pave the way for the final phase: 'Build your solution'. Use this section as a stepping stone to develop a functional design for your solution.

To assist in this process, this section is structured into several subsections that cover six main topics. It's recommended to follow these topics in order and use the provided templates in each subsection.

Design your trust chain

The following subsection guides you through designing a Trust Chain for your use case. The goal here is to identify all possible actors and their interaction, and to design your trust chain accordingly.

Design your data model

The subsection will guide you in designing the data model that structures the data in your Trust Chain. The goal is to design your data structure, define your JSON schemas, and finally publish the schemas on EBSI.

Define the signature profile

Define the e-signing and e-sealing of Verifiable Accreditations and Attestations

Identify the authentication patterns

Agree on the identification/authentication method of legal entities and natural persons

Identify required capabilities

Define the capabilities needed for exchanging VCs

Plan for implementation and integration

Define an implementation / integration plan / product roadmap