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VC Framework

On this page, you can learn about the Verifiable Credentials ecosystem. You can also find the tools and documentation needed to integrate your solution with all systems that use the EBSI framework for Verifiable Credentials

Introduction to EBSI's VC Framework & W3C Verifiable Credentials

Learn more about the framework for Verifiable Credentials and Verifiable Presentations defined by W3C.

Data Models

Find information about the various data models used in EBSI, including those needed to build a Trust Chain, as well as use case-specific data models.

DID Methods

Discover the proposed EBSI Decentralized Identifiers Methods, as well as security considerations to follow.

E-signing and e-sealing

Find guidelines for issuers and holders on how to sign and seal a Verifiable Credential

Trust Model

Learn about the EBSI trust model, and find out how to set up a Trust Chain.

Credential Status Framework

Find a general overview of revocation methods for Verifiable Credentials, as well as guidelines on choosing the right revocation strategy.