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Explore all the available APIs that can help you with your EBSI solution.

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Find the right API for your blockchain solution when you need it. Understand how each API works by reading its specifications.

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Authorisation API

EBSI Core Service responsible to issue Short Term Access Tokens to the EBSI Platform for legal entities, natural persons, and trusted Applications in exchange of their EBSI Verifiable Authorisation credential and their DID.

DID Registry API

Generic EBSI Core Service providing the capability of resolving EBSI Decentralised Identifiers (DIDs).

Ledger API

Use case applications access to all the available blockchain protocol interfaces and capabilities provided by the ledger nodes software running on MS hosted nodes.

Timestamp API

EBSI Core Service enabling to interact with the TimeStamp SC to timestamp hashes, supports timestamping records/versions (and linking the timestamps), verify timestamps.

Track and Trace API

Track and Trace (TnT) creates Proof of Origin.

Trusted Issuers Registry API

Generic decentralised registry holding information about trusted issuers, like public information, accreditations and other. All information is stored in the smart contract in form of Attribute envelops (like Verifiable Credentials).

Trusted Policies Registry API

EBSI core service providing access to policies defined in Policies Registry Smart Contract.

Trusted Schemas Registry API

Register a new schema, update a registered schema, read and validate registered schemas.