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Welcome to the EBSI Onboarding Kit

This guide is designed to help you define, design and build your project, offering clear instructions and support at every step. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary to harness the potential of EBSI and leverage its capabilities for your specific use case.

Get ready to embark on an exciting journey with EBSI and unlock the possibilities of decentralisation technologies within the European ecosystem! 🚀

Design, build, and pilot with EBSI

Become a part of EBSI's Early Adopters Programme and bring your use case to life. This opportunity allows you to contribute to an expanding ecosystem by designing, building and piloting your project on EBSI.

Hands on!

To pilot your use case on the EBSI Pilot network, you are required to submit the requested information and accept the Pilot legal package as an EBSI Application Service Provider via the Acceptance form.

The legal package specifies Pilot network participation terms, the roles and responsibilities of each actor and personal data processing rules. Acceptance of this package is only required for participation in the EBSI Pilot network.


Completing the legal onboarding steps above is mandatory before proceeding to the technical onboarding, detailed in the Build your solution section.

Discover essential EBSI resources

We've curated the most informative content from our documentation to ease your introduction to EBSI. These resources aim to equip you with a solid foundation in essential aspects of EBSI, its features, and highlight some of our achievements.

  • EBSI Explained Series: This series of publications will walk you through all you need to know about Verifiable Credentials.
  • EBSI Verifiable Credentials Framework: This resource will help you understand how Verifiable Credentials work and how they can be practically implemented.
  • EBSI Wallet Conformance Testing: Designed for third-party application providers, this service verifies that their wallets are compatible with the EBSI core services API.
  • EBSI Success Stories: Explore accounts of successful pilots from the previous year, featuring detailed scenarios, the types of verifiable credentials (VC) exchanged, demonstrations, and more.

Check the EBSI Brand Guidelines

Consistent branding helps us build trust and recognition among stakeholders, users and the wider community. Always refer to the latest EBSI Brand Guidelines for detailed information and guidance.