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EBSI Wallet Conformance Testing

Welcome to the EBSI Wallet Conformance Testing page! You have the opportunity to enhance the capabilities of your wallet by turning it into an EBSI-conformant wallet. By doing so, you will become part of a dynamic and inclusive pan-European wallet ecosystem.

With the EBSI Conformance Seal, your wallet will be recognized as a trusted and reliable tool for digital transactions across Europe.

illustration regarding EBSI Wallet Conformance Testingillustration regarding EBSI Wallet Conformance Testing

What are the benefits?

step 1

Level up

Getting a conformant stamp from EBSI allows Wallet Providers to showcase their commitment to European standards, which can increase credibility and trust among customers and partners.

step 2

Boost cross-border services

EBSI wallet conformance testing ensures that wallet providers are capable of being interoperable with EBSI services, thereby boosting the potential for seamless cross-border services for end users.

step 3

Gain visibility across Europe

Wallet Conformance Testing helps increase visibility across Europe by certifying that your wallet is in line with the standards and requirements set by EBSI, allowing for seamless integration with European services and boosting the wallet's reputation and credibility.

Conformance with all EBSI services

EBSI provides a conformance testing service for third-party wallet providers to verify their application's compatibility with EBSI's core services API. This service allows providers to self-assess their wallet and ensure its conformity with EBSI standards, so that it is ready for use by everyone. Conformance tests will contain tests for Issuers, Verifiers and Holders.

To learn more about how conformant wallets work in real-world scenarios, you can check out our EBSI Success Stories. These stories showcase the practical implementation of conformant wallets through EBSI use cases.

Holder wallet illustration

Request and present Verifiable Credentials

A holder wallet is a type of digital wallet that allows the user to securely store, manage, and use their Verifiable Credentials. The Holder Wallet module checks the wallet's ability to handle credential requests, authentication and presentation to verifiers on demand.
accredit authorise wallet illustration

Accredit RTAO, TAO and TI

The Accredit and Authorise module checks a wallet's compliance with the issuer's trust model and the accuracy of information stored in the Trusted Registries. Access management and credentials issuance are tested for conformance.
issue to holder wallet illustration

Issue Verifiable Credentials

The Issuer to Holder module checks the credential issuance process from an issuer to a Holder wallet as well as the specific credential being offered, which can be in-time, deferred, or pre-authorised.
verify wallet illustration

Request and verify Verifiable Credentials

The Verify module checks the capability to validate and verify Verifiable Credentials and Presentation.