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Define your solution

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This section of the guide walks you through the four key steps to lay the groundwork for your project. Start by defining the goals and scope of your project. Next, engage with and identify the actors within your ecosystem. Then, outline detailed scenarios and user journeys. Optionally, you can also design the screen-flow prototype to visually present these scenarios and user journeys.

If your use case is already well-defined, proceed directly to the design phase.

Define your project

Define the goals and scope of your project

Identify the actors of your ecosystem

The second step in defining your solution is to map out your project's curent or future ecosystem. Identify all the entities that will play a part in your project, including their roles and how they interact within your use case. This should cover every organisation, individual and system involved. Maintain an up-to-date record of these actors, incorporating new actors with their contact information as they join.

Define user journeys and user stories

With the help of this guide you will explain what your solution does, and how each actor fits into the scenario forseen.

Design screen flows

This step is optional but offers you the opportunity to visually design the screen flow for the user interface and experience based on the user story you outlined in the previous step.