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EBSI hub

You've found the EBSI Hub, a key reference point for everyone looking to build and test EBSI solutions. Here, we've curated an extensive collection of resources to ensure you have everything you need to embark on your EBSI journey with confidence. On this page, you'll find technical guidelines and tools as well as directions for how to get started defining, designing and building an EBSI project.

Start a project

Get started

The first step of your EBSI journey. Find useful resources that will help get your EBSI project rolling.


Understand and identify the business requirements of your EBSI project and define its end-to-end scope.


Get help with designing the specific functional components that will make your EBSI project work.


Step-by-step instructions for building your solution on the EBSI infrastructure.

Self Service

Build your project using our available resources and test your solution.


Detailed specifications guide for developers to enable seamless integration.


A toolkit to streamline development. Includes libraries, DID tools, CLI, VC validator, and others.


Rigorous testing guide for robust performance.

Verifiable Credentials

Verifiable Credentials are digital and secure credentials that offer holders the ability to have sovereignty over their personal information. EBSI's trust model is built around the secure exchange of Verifiable Credentials, ensuring the simplicity and reliability of the cross-border verification process.

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